Easy, Quick, Order Entry

Real-time stock insights and order from anywhere functionality allow for more efficient order processing and on-time delivery. 

  • End-to-end task, route and visit scheduling.
  • Full Stock on Hand visibility
  • Streamline order process


Benchmarked Standards

Professionalize the field. Use a mobile device, in-store, to capture and share relevant merchandising data in real time.

  • Timesheet and attendance verification.
  • Standardise all merchandising activities. 
  • Full visual library and reference pack.



Perfect Store Execution

Use Morpheus to plan, monitor, record and report on store visits with reliable, up to date data to enhance decision making and planning.

  • Improve compliance with real time reporting.
  • End to end task, route and visit scheduling.
  • Geotagging, GPS and Maps.



Easy, Quick, Order Entry

Dedicated mobile app makes ordering more convenient than ever. At the shelf or any other place, your customer can buy from you any time.

  • Exceptional order tracking and replication.
  • Full Stock on Hand visibility.
  • Streamline order process.



Because not all businesses are the same, Morpheus allows you to customise your own version of the app by selecting the components that work the best for you. This allows you to Pick and Mix to develop the perfect solution for your business. Our flexibility leads to agility.

  • Car Rentals
  • Hygiene Services
  • Mobile Workforce