Our Story

Morpheus Commerce did not just happen overnight. Its been over 25 years of living and breathing the industry as well as 2 previous successful iterations of it. Now, with a vastly different marketplace, a deeper knowledge of the market, plus a new team that brings new domain knowledge – a recreation is necessary – this time far superior, more integrated, more open, and more powerful – it’s Morpheus Commerce.

In the spirit of collaboration we will endeavour to learn about your business to discover if Morpheus Commerce is the right solution for you. If not we will thank you for your time and allow you to move on safe in the knowledge that your business has not been forced into a partial solution. Honesty and integrity, this is how we operate.

Our Mission

We want to free your mind from unnecessary clutter and time consuming admin tasks. We aim to replace inefficient processes, empower users, propel your business to new levels and drive insight to action.

Our Management

Our management team is made up of like-minded people, all sharing the same goal – create greatness! We are as focused on the development as we are with the outcome. We listen, learn and constantly tweak. We’ve implemented stringent testing and have multiple checks in place to ensure that everything about Morpheus Commerce – our people and products – is the best it can be. It is through these various processes that we are proud of the great products we have together created, the latest one being Morpheus.

We are always happy to hear from you, and encourage you to contact us.